MTN Play

What is it?

MTN Play is your platform to download latest mobile contents, texts, videos, ringtones, wallpapers, games… both fun and useful.

MTN Play is accessible through USSD, WAP and WEB portals.

How does it work?

USSD Portal

To access the USSD portal, dial *128# and proceed with your choice.

You can also dial the codes below to directly subscribe to our services

  • Fun: Dial *128*6*2#  to subscribe to Jokes about AKPOS
  • Love: Dial *128*2*2#  to subscribe to Love Letters
  • Religion: Dial *128*3*5# to subscribe to Prayers for your Protection
  •                 : Dial *128*4*3# to subscribe to Words from Muhammad
  • Sport: Dial *128*1*6# to subscribe to Local Sport News

WAP Portal

To access the WAP portal, go to: and click on the type of content or the name of the category you want to download.

WEB Portal

  • Go to the link:
  • Create an account, log in and click on the item you want to download
  • Click on the download URL you will receive via SMS.

How much does it cost?

Below are the current subscription costs for text and digital content services:

Contents Cycle Price (FCFA)
Text content Once off 30
Daily subscription(text) 30
Weekly subscription(text) 105
Monthly subscription(text) 155
Digital content Video 205
Full track 155
True tone 105
Polytone 155
Wallpaper 155
Game 310
Animation 55