MTN Game+

MTN Game+ is a service that allows you to download and play mobile games on your phones and devices that can connect to the internet. This service offers you different categories of games among which you can choose and enjoy a unique digital experience (available as mobile platform and Android application).

As a subscriber, you are automatically eligible.

How it works

You can access MTN Game+ via the mobile portal at this adress: On this portal, you can download games, subscribe to the service or download the Android Game+ application.

You can also access Game+ by SMS by sending the appropriate keywords to 8773 (see below). You will then receive the subscription notification and link to download the Android app. Depending on your keyword sent, you will have access to the service for 1 day, 7 days or 30 days. For the first subscription, you have 3 days of free access, and you are charged only at the end of the trial period.

Plan Keyword to be sent by SMS Period
Daily GAME1 1 Day
Weekly GAME2 7 Days
Monthly GAME3 30 Days


You can also subscribe via the mobile portal ( by clicking on the link “Join the club”. You will choose among the 3 subscription cycles.


The charges of the subscription fee are as follows:

Validity Price(FCFA)
Daily 50
Weekly 300
Monthly 700


Your data account is debited when you upload a game. When you do not have a data account, you are charged from your main account for all downloads.
Purchases made within the application are charged from the main account.