SMS Unlimited – MTN Unlimitext

Worry no more about the cost of an SMS! To subscribe to an unlimitext bundle, dial *148#

With MTN unlimitext, stay connected and catch up with close ones for as much as you want and for as little as 20F per day.

No more constrains on how many SMS you send, just pick your desired unlimited bundle from the list of daily, weekly and monthly bundles available:


Unlimitext on-the-go Unlimited SMS for 24 hours 20 XAF
Unlimitext Month Unlimited SMS for 30 days 500 XAF
Unlimitext plus Day Unlimited SMS + 50MB for free WhatsApp valid 24 hours 50 XAF
Unlimitext plus Week Unlimited SMS + 100MB for WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter valid 7 days 250 XAF
Unlimitext plus Month Unlimited SMS + 300MB for WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter valid 30 days 750 XAF


Enjoy simple moments with the most important people in your life.