Postpaid bundle – MTN Elite

You are more of a planner in terms of monthly budget expenses? With the MTN Elite post-paid offer, inspired by you, ideal for you, you now have the freedom to communicate with your loved ones without pressure.

How does it work?

To access this tariff plan, you will need to:

  • Fill in a registration form
  • Provide a copy of your CNI and your localization plan
  • Deposit an amount of 15,000 FCFA

PS: Your credit limit will be more or less equivalent to the amount of deposit deposited.

What does it cost?

Calls SMS
On-net 45F/min 35
Off-net 90F the 1st min & 1.5F the rest of the day 50
International MTN Select


MTN Operations 200F/min

Other networks 300F/min




  • Free incoming calls when you are roaming on an MTN network
  • Locally billed roaming calls in selected countries
  • When you consume at least 7500F in the month, you receive 100MB of internet valid for 30 days
  • Subscribe to a monthly internet plan and benefit from a preferential rate of 0.75F / s from the first minute and free Sunday calls (max 55 min on net) throughout the duration of the package.
  • You receive notifications when your balance is at 500F CFA.

How to check your balance

To check your balance, dial * 155 # and for internet bonus: * 159 * 83 #.

* MTN Select: France, Nigeria, United States, China, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Spain, Malaysia, South Korea, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium and Germany.