The University of Buea wins the Hackathon #YelloCare 2018

Capable to pay on the spot, your child’s school fees in any high school in Cameroon thanks to MTN Mobile Money. This innovative idea of the College of Technology of the University of Buea enabled this institution to occupy the first position of the competition for developers organized by MTN Cameroon from 16 to 17 June 2018 at GICAM in Douala.

The idea of the team from the South-West is to deploy a platform enabling to pay school fees and other exam charges at the local level in absolute security, on the spot. Their demonstration before the jury illustrated how this solution functions from a website, and notably underscored the capacity of students from the University of Buea to integrate the effective and secure payment via Mobile Money.

For same competition, the team from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the University of Douala came second. Their project: payment of toll gate charges with Mobile Money. An approach which reduces the time spent by drivers at the toll gates throughout the country.  Moreover, securitize revenue and ensure its traceability in real time. Another specificity of the project by this Faculty is that, other types of activities can function on their platform.

The team from the National Advanced School of Posts, Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (SUP’PTIC) occupied the third position with a project on E-commerce.  Their candidates proposed a mobile application that enables any client to search a specific article from certain features such as the image or price and search for the merchant, sales venue, distance between the client and merchant as well as pay via MTN Mobile Money.

All the teams on the podium were rewarded by MTN Cameroon. The first team received a brand-new laptop for each of the five team members and earned a 6-month-internship in the company for all. The second winners received each a touch sensitive tablet while the third team bagged a smartphone each. The three winners were not the only ones in this hackathon marathon.

Teams from the University Institute of Technology of the University of Douala, “Institut Universitaire de la Côte”, “Institut Universitaire du Golfe” and “ISEM- IBCG” of Douala were also part of the challenge. The seven teams had to submit projects that integrate MTN Mobile Money as an online payment solution under the 21 Days of Y’ello Care, traditional voluntary programme by MTN Cameroon employees, carried out from 1 to 21 June. All the projects proposed shall meticulously be studied by MTN Cameroon. Some of them could be incubated for development and even adoption by the Company.