Mara at the Internet School

Episode 1 : 4G Speed

Do like MARA, get a 4G compatible phone and SIM card to fully enjoy the fastest Internet in Cameroun.
Do like MARA, deactivate the applications automatic updatein your phone settings to avoid unwanted consumptions.
Do like MARA, in case of concern, contact us on our social networks.
Do like MARA, subscribe to the volume and duration on Internet Bundle the suits your needs. Dial *157# and enjoy the most amazing network in Cameroon to the fullest!
Do like MARA, download the MyMTN app to acces and enjoy MTN services easier.
Do like MARA, to better manage your Internet connexion, pay attention to the messages and alert notifications on your consumption. Check your volume by dailing *157*99#
Do like MARA, *121# to borrow airtime for calls or a data bundle and pay later.